Replicator EP


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Songs about the unnatural in nature.


released December 12, 2015

All songs produced and written by ELSE, except #4 co-produced/co-written by Capsize. Scratches by Capsize. Cover art by Caroline Langdon.



all rights reserved


ELSE Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Skull One
deep inside it, dead and silent, can't deny that i'm a dead-end hybrid. 100 degrees, city feeling violent. fuck a tyrant, hit that hydrant, let the rain make this town an island, let the sea bring about alignment, let the tide wipe the drive of mindset, let a virus divide it by bisect. split a systemic mess crooked through 39 skulls with a number one bullet. gun on the tongue, summon the something from under the sun. stumble up, plug it up, once again it's begun. live by the code of the 1's and the 0's with the brain on stun. every day feels like a rerun, fending off skynet with a zip gun, digital pen in a hand artificial, pathways bent to resist sentimental. it's simple as this: rest in piss, bring death to the vested interests, shit is honest, not just complex. they work you to death and it's onto the next.

in the bible belt, the crime is stealth, so there;s never a cry for help. in the summer nothing to lose, so they die for wealth, tennessee humidity getting your mind to melt. in hell i find myself, tenth circle, inhabited by data that is infernal. reserved for commercial for certain, returned to the surface, emerged like a serpent. surely the earth is accursed when every word is for purchase, a metal hand got caught in the purses, no one alerted, and was it worth it? i never worship that which i cannot feel like a stigmata hand on the wheel, epidermis peels off, circuit defrost, i'm a ghost in the machinery soft. shift the knob to correct the connection, humanize iris and die by infection. took my own control of the alphabet, you can be the g.o.a.t., i'll be the baphomet.
Track Name: Painted Soul
born into blood, post-mesopotamian flood, to a pack of my brothers hunting, attack under cover of sudden clapping of thunder. huddle and back to the hut, if others should track us to mothership, punish them and may they catch a bad one. one of the first to burst up out the soup, one of the last to crash into the stratos, speaking savage when they doubt the truth. when i shout a sooth, i must point it ad hominem, ominous is the vision since i've been a bad hominid. omega dog dominant, WABAC, flash in a REM sleep, diving into mind when it is empty. we come alive at night, living to find the light. hidden design divine or is it random? as i recite the anthem...

down to the river, sink into the skin of a paleolithic killer. ankh to the nose, knock to the bone often i must wander from the flock so i can roam.

my wisdom missing some, bow to the shaman and listen up like a village son. get it uncorrupted, info uninterrupted, infinite in the clutches, fixin to kick the bucket. spirit in the living flesh, the essence luminescent as the twilight. session blessing to get my bicameral mind right. shadows will grow in the dusk, we shall all return to the dust. so we bleed onto all that we touch, so we live beyond the point when we combust. slay what i must to the bang of the drums, pray to the sun, sip the rain if it comes. brain on the run, every muscle is humming, sub-percussion bringing the ruckus all of a sudden. now, what i'm becoming is primal, nothing is final, come for the fucking revival. spilling my life at the foot of the idol, i won't die like a silent disciple. keeping survival in the mind's eye, never a sacrifice for neither siren nor my tribe's rites. only flesh is finite.

if i die before i wake then i pray the ancients my soul to paint.
Track Name: Tree Dreams
rise up. shine sun, high mind mic clutch, but i died on strike one when i tried to sky touch. bust a movement to a groove that is computed, to sit in a cubicle barely lucid and we do it for the check, and spend it on release. but by the end of the week, we do it to keep our sanity. on repeat, and it's true that bishop don lenses the vision wrong, account number not worth the card that it's printed on, sing a sinner's song til the dinner gong. will i gross enough so someone notices when i'm gone. yes, i've been a pawn for the kingship, but every night i rise defiant if they try to clip the wingtips.

flow morpheus slow, dreaming of the life so we forget the life we know. light up, fill a cup, so the head won't erupt, get a buzz, but it's just not enough. flow morpheus slow.

dream a little dream until i'm back at it. awakened only to sit in traffic, toys in the attic, modern man is automatic. the gattaca tragedy in 3D, life as a self-replicator can make a human uneasy. the fiends think of thieving to the top but scheming on the c.r.e.a.m. made them the demons of the crop. but me, i'm steady dreaming of reaping what i cannot. deep within shit creek, the boat leaking, now watch me sinking like a rock. but today i'm feeling free of my prison, breathe in emissions, kissing bleezes, my relief is ignition. listening with intent to derivative nonsense and pretending like i'll ever see something beyond this. i guess it's either dream or be paralyzed, so let us fantasize like this is paradise.

red pill pop, disconnect the neck as i punch clock. the bud will be in my lungs and the sub, it will knock.. something to stop how my head's spinning, mess within, debt-ridden, used and abused and then left for the dead risen. death wishing until i hit this love that i'm rolling, thinking "will the circle of suffering be unbroken?" catching a fire in this cold world, odd as it might seem. soon as you get the light green, climb inside of my pipe dream.
Track Name: We Shield Millions (feat. Capsize)
clockwork shockwave torture, aspartame top 40 on repeat. interrogator stuffed sheets in my fumbling mouth to muffle blood-curdling screams. / serving a fiendish robot populace, aiming the pyrite right to the oculus. audio dominance spread to the body you own when a drone flies low with a chrome monotone.

iron dome throws shrapnel home, a certain satellite completes its orbit. when the cordless rings off the hook, take the roof under your hoof, blow your eardrums porous. gears crunch chorus, with the windows down i juke through suburbia proper. helicopter mom grips, coffer pop lid, midsummer break chart-topper. / do not feed the monster, do not be a copy, i spot the impostor. the mob, they will follow and not know they're robbed. so, it might just blow up but it will not go pop. another soapbox, off and into to the gutter kingdom, where the most high go to be heathen. both the young and the wizened, frequency sent to the ear til they bend it to listen. / hollow mind mission, the echo location age is blazing, placate the agents, melee invaded, pacemaker soirees but our way? no, we won't accept your parley. deflect cordyceps, reject all idols, confide in writings, you hide until they're finally final. i've been minding my vitals, i syphon vibes from the vinyl and if the wav file bumps, we bump that shit til its tidal. / heavy compression of rival, giving no quarter. static bringing the panic and disorder. common denominator just bend to the moderator quick trial, years of my life in a zip file. spin of the digital visual stimulus, simple as pendulum cognitive dissonance, sent in a mass-manifesto the maxim: lack of passion, the crack in the platinum. / battle the avalanche of undead dracula's, fasten bayonets to armor for resistance, farmers clamor, another blighted harvest. judge hit snooze til the group relented, ruby double click demented with revenge, dual fool-proof plan on an eight-year binge. incantations that'll burn a bridge. no bogo deal on half-assed amends. / consumer masochists feeding the basilisk with a permanent laugh track, i'm antagonist. the broadcast received by the chip in your teeth, did you get the newest leak coming up from beneath? newspeak in the mouth of a beatnik, this menacing ruins anything half-decent. bring the heat like raheem to be another casualty with a fistful of d batteries. / repeat savagery till the boombox blisters. operatic tragedies trumped by the interns. skunk works flunky punked in dolby digital. numbers are in? get a pink slip for the minstrel. bows and tinsel, litter box looks nice. came home to the sitter putting the kid’s head on ice. despite your delight, i despise the device, and in spite of the price, I won’t be the lime in the light.

clockwork shockwave martyr, live and die quantized onto the beat. seeing through the multi-media marketing team of a millionaire armed to the teeth. / serving the d-list thoughts to the audience, somehow blindsided though it seems obvious. hip hop homonym tossed from the nest all alone, moss growth on the bone, watching rolling stones.

shortwave, i ride to it. up to eleven i vibe to it. white noise addict, static so thick you could run a fuckin knife through it.
Track Name: ...System Error
[as the day begins] …alarm rings as i breathe in...nothing but the machine to believe in...tried to digitize me all of a sudden. daily they push me and think i wont push the button like fuck it, i'll shut it down. not an abomination reanimated by a thundercloud, until i'm obsolescent and back in the ground. i'd rather be decaying, gone to meet my maker, instead of this consuming like proper self-replicators. i'm willing to die for the right to the rites of my people, to die with a mind ripe to walk into the white light. all my life i've been troubleshooting while the soul inside lay in ruins, so i lost what had made me human, that equation does not compute. never been nothing but a function, trying to cause signal interruption., disconnect if i'm corrupted, day one born into blood, ended up a kid maladjusted. gears are busted, man becoming something disgusting, sew destruction, so file up in line and come in on the one and live a life lit by a fluorescent sun. [as the day begins] …dead on arrival, records show the date, time, number, and job title. psilocybernetic life ended, spent descending into what's written to find the symptom, blame it on an error in the system…

i can feel it all slip, thinking "my time is up." had my life, but i wasn't live enough. abandoned to rust and then rushed to the front of verdun plus enough blood to cover whats undone. live under the gun, everything bugged, RFID is stuck under the nail of a green thumb. the fed indeed is watching me watching em watch me, the future envisioned by a division of lockheed. cannot dream if i sleep a wink, struggle to keep in sync. blown cover, sentenced to sit in front of big brother and confess to sin as i bend and kiss the ground floor to give penance for every minute not accounted for. (whoop!) the sound of the beast, the long arm reach up and down every street, keeping you running back to grindstone facts, but what happens after the line goes flat?

just breathe with me, to my bio-rhythm, life looking like a suicidal mission. just scream with me,
will we find whats hidden when we cease to be and they think "good riddance." just feed with me, seek a bit of divine, given a mind and giving it one day at a time til you're deceased with me just be with me, just dream with me, just breathe with me.

nothing but the machine to believe in

at long last unplugged, fate of the brain electronics assembled over millions on the plates of tectonic shift. fell into that rift, made a machine and it all fell into that grip. what is this new world? same as the old one, same human pursuit of happiness from a warm gun. lo and behold, see what nature created. sophisticated but breaking down and they tell you its fated, fail of the brain of an electric monk unwound, but what becomes of junk shut down?