Painted Soul

from by ELSE

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born into blood, post-mesopotamian flood, to a pack of my brothers hunting, attack under cover of sudden clapping of thunder. huddle and back to the hut, if others should track us to mothership, punish them and may they catch a bad one. one of the first to burst up out the soup, one of the last to crash into the stratos, speaking savage when they doubt the truth. when i shout a sooth, i must point it ad hominem, ominous is the vision since i've been a bad hominid. omega dog dominant, WABAC, flash in a REM sleep, diving into mind when it is empty. we come alive at night, living to find the light. hidden design divine or is it random? as i recite the anthem...

down to the river, sink into the skin of a paleolithic killer. ankh to the nose, knock to the bone often i must wander from the flock so i can roam.

my wisdom missing some, bow to the shaman and listen up like a village son. get it uncorrupted, info uninterrupted, infinite in the clutches, fixin to kick the bucket. spirit in the living flesh, the essence luminescent as the twilight. session blessing to get my bicameral mind right. shadows will grow in the dusk, we shall all return to the dust. so we bleed onto all that we touch, so we live beyond the point when we combust. slay what i must to the bang of the drums, pray to the sun, sip the rain if it comes. brain on the run, every muscle is humming, sub-percussion bringing the ruckus all of a sudden. now, what i'm becoming is primal, nothing is final, come for the fucking revival. spilling my life at the foot of the idol, i won't die like a silent disciple. keeping survival in the mind's eye, never a sacrifice for neither siren nor my tribe's rites. only flesh is finite.

if i die before i wake then i pray the ancients my soul to paint.


from Replicator EP, released December 12, 2015



all rights reserved


ELSE Nashville, Tennessee

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