Skull One

from by ELSE

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deep inside it, dead and silent, can't deny that i'm a dead-end hybrid. 100 degrees, city feeling violent. fuck a tyrant, hit that hydrant, let the rain make this town an island, let the sea bring about alignment, let the tide wipe the drive of mindset, let a virus divide it by bisect. split a systemic mess crooked through 39 skulls with a number one bullet. gun on the tongue, summon the something from under the sun. stumble up, plug it up, once again it's begun. live by the code of the 1's and the 0's with the brain on stun. every day feels like a rerun, fending off skynet with a zip gun, digital pen in a hand artificial, pathways bent to resist sentimental. it's simple as this: rest in piss, bring death to the vested interests, shit is honest, not just complex. they work you to death and it's onto the next.

in the bible belt, the crime is stealth, so there;s never a cry for help. in the summer nothing to lose, so they die for wealth, tennessee humidity getting your mind to melt. in hell i find myself, tenth circle, inhabited by data that is infernal. reserved for commercial for certain, returned to the surface, emerged like a serpent. surely the earth is accursed when every word is for purchase, a metal hand got caught in the purses, no one alerted, and was it worth it? i never worship that which i cannot feel like a stigmata hand on the wheel, epidermis peels off, circuit defrost, i'm a ghost in the machinery soft. shift the knob to correct the connection, humanize iris and die by infection. took my own control of the alphabet, you can be the g.o.a.t., i'll be the baphomet.


from Replicator EP, released December 12, 2015



all rights reserved


ELSE Nashville, Tennessee

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