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[as the day begins] …alarm rings as i breathe in...nothing but the machine to believe in...tried to digitize me all of a sudden. daily they push me and think i wont push the button like fuck it, i'll shut it down. not an abomination reanimated by a thundercloud, until i'm obsolescent and back in the ground. i'd rather be decaying, gone to meet my maker, instead of this consuming like proper self-replicators. i'm willing to die for the right to the rites of my people, to die with a mind ripe to walk into the white light. all my life i've been troubleshooting while the soul inside lay in ruins, so i lost what had made me human, that equation does not compute. never been nothing but a function, trying to cause signal interruption., disconnect if i'm corrupted, day one born into blood, ended up a kid maladjusted. gears are busted, man becoming something disgusting, sew destruction, so file up in line and come in on the one and live a life lit by a fluorescent sun. [as the day begins] …dead on arrival, records show the date, time, number, and job title. psilocybernetic life ended, spent descending into what's written to find the symptom, blame it on an error in the system…

i can feel it all slip, thinking "my time is up." had my life, but i wasn't live enough. abandoned to rust and then rushed to the front of verdun plus enough blood to cover whats undone. live under the gun, everything bugged, RFID is stuck under the nail of a green thumb. the fed indeed is watching me watching em watch me, the future envisioned by a division of lockheed. cannot dream if i sleep a wink, struggle to keep in sync. blown cover, sentenced to sit in front of big brother and confess to sin as i bend and kiss the ground floor to give penance for every minute not accounted for. (whoop!) the sound of the beast, the long arm reach up and down every street, keeping you running back to grindstone facts, but what happens after the line goes flat?

just breathe with me, to my bio-rhythm, life looking like a suicidal mission. just scream with me,
will we find whats hidden when we cease to be and they think "good riddance." just feed with me, seek a bit of divine, given a mind and giving it one day at a time til you're deceased with me just be with me, just dream with me, just breathe with me.

nothing but the machine to believe in

at long last unplugged, fate of the brain electronics assembled over millions on the plates of tectonic shift. fell into that rift, made a machine and it all fell into that grip. what is this new world? same as the old one, same human pursuit of happiness from a warm gun. lo and behold, see what nature created. sophisticated but breaking down and they tell you its fated, fail of the brain of an electric monk unwound, but what becomes of junk shut down?


from Replicator EP, released December 12, 2015



all rights reserved


ELSE Nashville, Tennessee

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