We Shield Millions (feat. Capsize)

from by ELSE

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clockwork shockwave torture, aspartame top 40 on repeat. interrogator stuffed sheets in my fumbling mouth to muffle blood-curdling screams. / serving a fiendish robot populace, aiming the pyrite right to the oculus. audio dominance spread to the body you own when a drone flies low with a chrome monotone.

iron dome throws shrapnel home, a certain satellite completes its orbit. when the cordless rings off the hook, take the roof under your hoof, blow your eardrums porous. gears crunch chorus, with the windows down i juke through suburbia proper. helicopter mom grips, coffer pop lid, midsummer break chart-topper. / do not feed the monster, do not be a copy, i spot the impostor. the mob, they will follow and not know they're robbed. so, it might just blow up but it will not go pop. another soapbox, off and into to the gutter kingdom, where the most high go to be heathen. both the young and the wizened, frequency sent to the ear til they bend it to listen. / hollow mind mission, the echo location age is blazing, placate the agents, melee invaded, pacemaker soirees but our way? no, we won't accept your parley. deflect cordyceps, reject all idols, confide in writings, you hide until they're finally final. i've been minding my vitals, i syphon vibes from the vinyl and if the wav file bumps, we bump that shit til its tidal. / heavy compression of rival, giving no quarter. static bringing the panic and disorder. common denominator just bend to the moderator quick trial, years of my life in a zip file. spin of the digital visual stimulus, simple as pendulum cognitive dissonance, sent in a mass-manifesto the maxim: lack of passion, the crack in the platinum. / battle the avalanche of undead dracula's, fasten bayonets to armor for resistance, farmers clamor, another blighted harvest. judge hit snooze til the group relented, ruby double click demented with revenge, dual fool-proof plan on an eight-year binge. incantations that'll burn a bridge. no bogo deal on half-assed amends. / consumer masochists feeding the basilisk with a permanent laugh track, i'm antagonist. the broadcast received by the chip in your teeth, did you get the newest leak coming up from beneath? newspeak in the mouth of a beatnik, this menacing ruins anything half-decent. bring the heat like raheem to be another casualty with a fistful of d batteries. / repeat savagery till the boombox blisters. operatic tragedies trumped by the interns. skunk works flunky punked in dolby digital. numbers are in? get a pink slip for the minstrel. bows and tinsel, litter box looks nice. came home to the sitter putting the kid’s head on ice. despite your delight, i despise the device, and in spite of the price, I won’t be the lime in the light.

clockwork shockwave martyr, live and die quantized onto the beat. seeing through the multi-media marketing team of a millionaire armed to the teeth. / serving the d-list thoughts to the audience, somehow blindsided though it seems obvious. hip hop homonym tossed from the nest all alone, moss growth on the bone, watching rolling stones.

shortwave, i ride to it. up to eleven i vibe to it. white noise addict, static so thick you could run a fuckin knife through it.


from Replicator EP, released December 12, 2015



all rights reserved


ELSE Nashville, Tennessee

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